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Wayne Breaux, Jr.
United States
Former professional illustrator from the RPG industry. I worked exclusively for Palladium Books Inc. ( for 10 years or so and have artwork published in something like 100 books ranging from their Fantasy game to the well known Rifts line, though a lot of my work focused on their Heroes Unlimited super hero game line, primarily due to the fact that I authored a significant portion of the Heroes Unlimited supplements at the time and contributed to the second edition release of the core rules. Other books I wrote were for the Rifts line (Spirit West) and the Robotech license (Strike Force and expanded sections of Return of the Masters).

A number of factors contributed to my move out of professional art, and now I just try to find the time to make art in the limited free time between working a real job.

I'm constantly trying to keep the creative juices flowing and share with my fans as much as possible. In addition to the work here on DA, I am slowly working on other ventures with my art, including items not available here on DA, such as shirts and other items over at, and less mainstream (i.e. adult) experiments over at hentai-foundry.
I've noted in a couple of places that Frenzy is a hermaphrodite, and I debated when I started gearing this up if I wanted, needed, or should keep her that way, either secretly or as part of her story. Ultimately, I kept it for a number of reasons, some of which are spoilers and will be kept secret (at least for a little while), but here is a brief history of the Frenzy character and some thoughts on her nature and her role in the comic.

The origins of her biology go waaay back to 1996 when I was writing the Spirit West supplement for Rifts. There was a passage in a book used for research that was very intriguing. It noted that some shamans were considered powerful forces of balance because they not only championed universal balance, but tried to embody it by living as sexually ambiguous beings or even as the opposite sex. Now, in both cases, it was a non-sexual lifestyle meant to be symbolic due to the fact that the spirits themselves were asexual and their recognition of the opposing elements in conjunction was the source of this kind of shaman's power. It was also noted that the most powerful of this kind of shaman was one that was actually a hermaphrodite as they physically embodied both male and female biology. I can only assume that any babies that actually were hermaphrodites would be given over to be such powerful shamans.

Anyway, this tidbit made it into the book as part of the balance shaman character class, and when I started a Shadowrun urban shaman/rocker shortly thereafter, I decided to incorporate this thinking into the character, and Frenzy was born; however, being a young, male roleplayer and wishing to mess with my game master's head, my version of this powerful symbol of balance was sexually active. At the time, it was just for kicks and didn't need a whole lot of depth. Unfortunately, the campaign was short lived, but it did serve to show how scary a shark shaman could be.

So fast forward to now, almost 20 years later, with Frenzy revamped. I won't go into the original reason I was inspired to play around with this particular character after such time, but once I started thinking about doing a serious comic featuring her, the nature of the character evolved slightly. She is intended as a powerful force of balance in her world; although, even she would question whether she is actually a balanced individual. She also questions the nature of the shark in a role of balance, given its destructive bouts. As a rock star, she registers her popularity, but has a measure of denial about her actual influence which can be a balancing force when it guides in the right direction; likewise, the destruction of the shark can bring balance when it eats the right fish.

I wanted to keep the powerful balance potential idea, so keeping the hermaphrodite state was appealing, but was it necessary? Well, it turns out that as the primary story arc grew, it became very appropriate that Frenzy was unique in this particular manner, and details of where she came from and how it tied to some of the plot elements made it impossible to ignore. Now, those specific elements are under the spoiler blanket noted above, but suffice to say, keeping her as she was only reinforced her role as a representative of (potential) balance, including literal and symbolic bridges between male and female, science and nature, poet and warrior, natural and artificial, and birth and destruction. That's a lot of universal balance for the spirits to recognize. On top of it all, the switch from symbolic dual sexuality to active sexuality makes sense as well, though the full impact of that won't be seen until farther down the road.


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I grew up playing heroes unlimited and just got aliens unlimited and galaxy guide.
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Awesome! Glad you found my DA page then. :)
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given your schedule it's probably best if I give you my E-mail so that we might discuss you comic and the characters within.


I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing much more great work from you.
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I rarely use personal email, so I may be slow responding, but I'll get in touch when I am able.
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Very Cool,

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(You), sorry about that it's getting late as I've had a lot of early mornings recently.
ArmySGT Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
I love your stuff from the Robotech lines and the revamped Mechanoids!

I hope things get good so you can return to RPG industry art!

Come here me and the (much better) members of our RPG podcast for TriTac games!
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Really cool works!
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